Choose 1 of 3 alert profiles for your unique needs

Personal Alert

A generic alarm profile that can be be customised with a picture of your choice. A second shake will produce a flashing light and high-pitched siren to draw attention to the situation.

Stealth Alert

Stealth Alert lets you secretly and silently raise an alert, which is perfect for situations where you don’t want anyone to know that an alert has been raised.

Deterrent Alert

This alarm profile makes it blatantly obvious to everyone that an alert has been raised and that your location, along with evidence has been uploaded. A second shake will produce a flashing light and high-pitched siren to draw attention to the situation.

Get extra protection when you’re travelling or working alone


Journey ensures safe and confident travel by providing your emergency contacts with real-time updates of your movements as you move between two places.


Meetings allow you to identify when you are going to a potentially dangerous meeting or working lone. An alert will automatically be created if the timer expires or you do not cancel the meeting.

Man Down

Man Down provides extra protection for users in situations where injury or personal immobilization is a possibility by flagging sudden deceleration, non-movement and impact.

Duress Pin

If you are being forced to cancel an alert you can enter the Duress Pin. The alert will appear to have been cancelled, but will remain active in the monitoring centre and we will know you have been forced to cancel an alert.

Soft Alert

Soft Alert allows you to quickly trigger an alert by pressing the volume up key. *Not available on all operating systems.


Pulse confirms the App is working by producing a light recurring vibration. Heartbeat will confirm an alert has been raised by vibrating after activation.

Emergency Contacts

Add individuals and groups of contacts that will receive an email and SMS notification when an alert is raised or a journey is created.

Web Alert

When you raise an alert or start a journey, your emergency contacts will receive a link to a real-time monitoring page that shows essential information including your current location.


Your profile allows you to update personal information, view your alert/journey history and change your password. Your profile is accessible via the App and website.